Sector and Universe Trader Guide - Contains Minor Spoilers

X3 sector trader

X3 sector trader


It may be a good idea to leave them as sector traders with a big radius even after they've leveled up, as some parts of the universe are much more dangerous than the others (The area around Argon Prime, for example, is super safe, while Omicron Lyrae is close to many pirate and Xenon sectors).

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UTs will refuel if a target station is out of fuel range or the UT has less than 8 sector jumps worth of fuel.

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As your trader levels up, you will be able to increase the range in which they will seek deals, and when they reach level 8, they will be able to become Universe Traders (though their range for finding deals will still be limited, they will not feel obliged to stick around the same neighbourhood, and their trading may take them to any point in the galaxy where profitsss can be made).

Can a Sector Trader be set up to automate the purchase and sale of space fuel in Herron's Nebula? That is, would the Sector Trader know to buy the Space Fuel and sell it to the Trading Station if it can calculate that a profit can be earned from the sale? And, if no profit can be made, will the Sector Trader just sit on its stock until a differential in the buy and sell price occurs such that a profit can be earned?

Your trader isn't doing any work because there are no good trades available in the sector. Find a sector where things that are produced also get consumed (Power Plant -> Wheat Farm -> Distillery, for example), or, if you believe the sector they are in fits that criteria, leave them alone and they will try again after a while (You can also reissue the command to get them to seek new traders immediately, as they will standby for some time before attempting to find another deal).

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You can turn your Sector Trader into a Universe Trader at level 8, like Vanilla. The UT will be less effective until it reaches level 66. The "Buy" distance of a trader is essentially its tether distance. The greater sell distance is to ensure that the UT doesn't end up carrying cargo that it can't sell. Additionally, the UT will use its jumpdrive until it detects that it has 8 jumps or less left in its fuel tank, at which time it will withhold buying or selling new wares and jump to refuel.

building 7 or 8 space fuel distillerys wouldnt be a problem for me, i have roughly 95 million right now but i was goign to save up for a Boron ray (i have the rank) i might try that, thanks

Universe Traders operate similarly to vanilla traders, with a few key changes regarding trader security and jump ranges.

You will need to reissue the sector trader command to get the option to increase the number of jumps in which they will seek deals.

well then i guess that works, i prefer the traders that buy stuff for my factories and then anothe trader for selling the product


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