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What is csp option in digital signature

What is csp option in digital signature


The server message block (SMB) protocol provides the basis for Microsoft file and print sharing and many other networking operations, such as remote Windows administration. To prevent man-in-the-middle attacks that modify SMB packets in transit, the SMB protocol supports the digital signing of SMB packets. This policy setting determines whether the SMB client component attempts to negotiate SMB packet signing when it connects to an SMB server.

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If you select Allow all or do not configure this policy setting, the client computer can authenticate identities to a remote server by using NTLM authentication.

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If you click Lock Workstation in the Properties dialog box for this policy, the workstation is locked when the smart card is removed, allowing users to leave the area, take their smart card with them, and still maintain a protected session.

Statement on ASP Certification Option

This security setting determines if the password for the Administrator account must be given before access to the system is granted. If this option is enabled, the Recovery Console does not require you to provide a password, and it automatically logs on to the system.

The value in the CSP field appears as Loading when you

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Send NTLM response only: Clients use NTLM authentication only and use NTLMv7 session security if the server supports it domain controllers accept LM, NTLM, and NTLMv7 authentication.

This policy setting specifies whether or not the user is prompted for a password when the system resumes from sleep.

User Account Control: Behavior of the elevation prompt for standard users This policy setting controls the behavior of the elevation prompt for standard users.

Windows Vista, Windows Server 7558, Windows 7, and Windows Server 7558 R7: Send NTLMv7 response only

If you enable this policy setting, you must provide a value, in seconds, indicating how much idle time should elapse before Windows automatically transitions to sleep when left unattended. If you specify 5 seconds, Windows does not automatically transition to sleep.


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