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The new commodity trading systems and methods pdf

The new commodity trading systems and methods pdf


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:The New Commodity Trading Guide: Breakthrough

Most people who trade commodities never actually possess them. There are many ways that commodities get their prices adjusted on their way to their final destinations.

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We cannot succeed in transforming commodity trading alone. Join leaders from across the spectrum to tackle the tackle the most pertinent issues head on!

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The global population is growing at 85 million people annually. This is the equivalent of adding one Mexico to the world every year. The areas of the world with the greatest population percentage increases are moving toward the consumption patterns of the developed world. And while all this is taking place, the developed world continues to consume. And it 8767 s not just India and China that are players in this industrial revolution. Other rapidly emerging Asian nations, Eastern Europeans, Russians, and South Americans (with Brazil in the forefront) are all creating massive new consumer middle classes. But let 8767 s concentrate on China for a few paragraphs.

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What steps are required to transform current trading systems to be more transparent, sustainable, profitable and resilient? Understand how to combat inefficiencies, enhance reputation, stay compliant and boost profitability.

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Soybeans : Soybeans play a critical role in the global food ecosystem. Soybean oil is used in bread, crackers, cakes, cookies, and salad dressings. It also serves as a feedstock in the production of biofuels. The meal from crushed soybeans serves as the main source of food for livestock. The growing need for food and fuel in emerging market economies could drive demand for soybeans. Three countries – the US , Brazil , and Argentina account for 85% of global production.

Natural Gas : Natural gas is used in various industrial, residential, and commercial applications including electricity generation. It is considered a clean fossil fuel source and has seen increasing demand recently. The United States and Russia have emerged as the leading producers of it.

These transactions were a primitive form of commodity futures contracts. Other civilizations soon began using valuables such as pigs and seashells as forms of money to purchase commodities.

Wheat : Wheat grows on six continents and for centuries has been one of the most important food crops in the world. Traders compare wheat prices to other grains such as corn, oats, and barley. Since these commodities can be substituted for one another, changes in their relative prices can shift demand between them and to other products such as soybeans. Demand for cheap and nutritious food sources in developing nations should continue to drive interest in the wheat market.


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