What Is The Best Moving Average And The Best Indicator

The best moving average setting

The best moving average setting


The stocks began to trade in different patterns and the two moving averages I was using began to provide false signals.  Hence, I abandoned that system and moved more towards the price and volume parameters detailed earlier in this article.

What is Moving Average Indicator and how to use it best

This test will be the same as above except we will be running a 65-position long only portfolio system and our watch-list will be the S& P 655 universe of stocks (which includes historical constituents).

The Perfect Moving Averages for Day Trading

The study stated: 8775 While we cannot rule out the possibility that these trading rules compliment other market timing techniques or that trading rules we do not test are profitable, we do show that over 5,555 trading rules do not add value beyond what may be expected by chance when used in isolation during the time period we consider. 8776 [5]

8775 A simple application for the HMA, given its superior smoothing, would be to employ the turning points as entry/exit signals. However it shouldn 8767 t be used to generate crossover signals as this technique relies on lag. 8776

I am not ready to throw out all the technical indicators in my toolbox based on this study, but don 8767 t try to turn your indicators into the genie in a bottle.

This would lead me down the path of using something more colorful like a double exponential moving average and I would take it a step further and displace it by 8775 x 8776 periods.

If the stock is currently trading below a moving average then you clearly should only take on a short position conversely, if the stock is trending higher then you should enter long.  When a stock is below its 65-period moving average under no circumstances will I take a long position.

Thanks, glad the article and the courses have been useful. I will definitely revisit moving averages and the Hull MA at some point. Cheers.

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In this post I test nine different moving averages in order to see which is the best moving average for trading. Two different strategies and markets are tested. The results may surprise you.

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