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Friday option trader reviews

Friday option trader reviews


My favorite part of this course is the continued support that the instructor provides. He answers every question that the students ask and you can also review other questions from students so that you have a solid understanding no matter what experience level you are at.

Friday Option Trader in Rogue River, OR | Company Info

If the above list sounds confusing to you then don 8767 t worry as this course lays out exactly how to trade the iron condor and how to keep the odds in your favor. Even if you are a complete beginner !

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The goal with these trades is 65%+ return on your money each trade which typically lasts a couple weeks and you don 8767 t have to watch the market during the day. No, you won 8767 t make 65% every 7 weeks but you are profitable a high % of the time following what is taught.

I wish I had found this site before losing $5k this year with these morons. I guess there is no recourse or method to get the losses back and these idiots out of business?

I guess what I’m saying I wish there was a follow up class available. The udemy class costs virtually nothing and is a great intro to getting started with ICs. But I think the adjustment techniques need to be dived into and practiced a lot before you quit your day job.

The big issue that people have with Iron condors is how to adjust the trade if the underlying stock makes a big move.

Essentially, the course shows how the instructor uses the Iron Condor options trading strategy to generate consistent returns in any market. I wrote about Iron Condors a while back in this post.

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Brian, I appreciate your honest and upfront info on this site. It is refreshing to come across someone who cuts through all the hype out there.

The Trading Pro System covers a lot of info and was inexpensive but its not for sale anymore as far as I know. The creator doesn 8767 t support it anymore so I wouldn 8767 t expect support for it if you buy it. It is still good info but he spends a lot of time on managing the greeks which might be overkill for many people. Whereas, Jeff 8767 s approach is easier to implement for adjustments.

I 8767 ve been with the service for three months and it 8767 s been very profitable with more winners than losers and with a couple of 655 % winners and one just last week of almost 755%
It 8767 s also great that there is a meeting once a week that they discuss the market and their expectations and then the go over the positions held one by one and then they answer all questions.
So far it 8767 s been really good and worth every penny!


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