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Dr singh options scam

Dr singh options scam


Sounds typical. Even if you could get those fills and margins, you just need one major market crash to kills months of profit. Theoretically your risk is unlimited when selling naked options.

Coal scam: Will Dr Singh take the Congress down

Actually, it is a great time for credit spreads. High implied volatility, both absolute and relative, is the time to sell spreads and wait for the inevitable volatility crush.

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I decided to look for Dr Singh 8767 s Patent application, however there is no record of the patent number nor of a Dr Singh having filed an application. Seems the number does not exist.

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They have a ZERO REFUND policy, so I would say that 99% of people who join Dr. Singh NEVER get an account opened and will coninue to lose the investment of $995/year. Even if people drop out, they will continue to be billed yearly.

Our strategy is based on our options trading experience for 85 years and at times, trading over $655 millions in a month. It has been filed for patency under File # 66/999,957.

Very simple: Do the opposite to what 98% of the world does. I learned this art from 67 poor immigrants who made billions using this concept. I authored a book, How 67 Immigrants Made Billions, when they made it to the Forbes list of the world’s richest people. With a total of $8 in my pocket, I rose from the slums of India to a mansion in the one of the wealthiest neighborhoods of the United States by using this secret to success.

The former prime minister would state that Kumaramangalam Birla had met him with an application and this was sent to the coal ministry. The coal ministry sent back the file and the former prime minister went by what the ministry had advised, is another defence that is likely to be taken by Dr Singh when he appears before the court.

Read about our trading record averaging a success rate of 98% for the past 65 years filed with the US Department Of Commerce.

6.  Dr Singh does NOT trade all of his own recommendations.  Out of 69 recommendations this last alert, Dr Singh TRIED to enter 7.

I thought that the 8 and 9 legged strategies looked interesting. The are not, so far a waist of time. Otherwise his recommendations are what he says they are low risk, which means low reward. His lessons for a beginner options trader are somewhat informative. I was and am able to take advantage of his bull put strategy. I am able to modify some of his recommendations and still remain fairly conservative with a slightly better yield. Overall i have put this ideas to good use, but without the extra effort I would not be very profitable. I would not recommend it if you are looking to make a lot of money quickly.

In the next couple of days, Dr Singh, some leaders of the Congress and his legal team would strategise on the next course of action. There are two aspects that are being considered for now. Will Dr Singh appear before the court and make his stand clear or will he seek the intervention of the High Court and ask for the summons to be quashed.


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