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Zen trader youtube

Zen trader youtube


Former Amazon business manager ($655M P& L). M& A investment banking, marketing analytics, and e-commerce startups. Chicago Booth MBA. US Air Force Academy grad and former Navy helicopter mission commander.

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We don’t do your taxes, but we pull all your data together so it’s much easier for you or your CPA to file. You and your tax professional file your own taxes with the State and Federal Government wherever you reside. ZenLedger quickly aggregates your many ledgers, marks the transactions to market, and allows you to categorize each transaction by use. You will need to provide us with a CSV of all your transactions from an exchange or a public address that we can then scrape into the tool and present to your CPA in a readable, standardized format.

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That means this is not a get-rich-quick or parasitic marketing website. The content on my website is intended for committed retail traders who are extremely serious about mastering the craft of trading.

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Taking things back to Zen practice, or broadening them out to the practice of life, I met a girl once (go figure, huh?) who purposely developed the habit of – whenever she noticed herself becoming particularly attached to an opinion or point of view – saying to herself, “I could be wrong”. (Later on, in true Zen kid fashion, she paradoxically added also saying, “I could be right”.) Master traders continually re-evaluate and question their assessment of the market, on guard against the possibility that “I could be wrong”.

I created Zen & The Art of Trading because I got bored of staring at charts all day waiting for trades, and I wanted to take my trading to the next level.

8775 Can 8767 t wait to see the next installment! 8776
Me either!
Jack watching intently for next installment
Ohhhh, you meant you re waiting for ME to write it.
Well, let me know if I have any ideas, okay?

No matter what you thought about either of these products before reading this review, I would hope that anyone reading this should now have some better information to make their decision on the abilities of each software (and some more 'inside' information) to help guide their decision on which one they would rather support.

Also, as it turns out the well known Keepa software already has the potential to do this 'Price Drop' functionality on it's own, so I recommend those looking for this feature to use this option.

If you 8767 re here for the easy quick-fix, you will be disappointed. And so be it. It is my belief that nothing worthwhile comes easy in this life.

Why? – Because the simple truth is that when it comes to the currency markets, we don’t know. Oh, we may think that Eur/Usd is headed for (or ) we may believe that the level in Gbp/Usd will hold as support we may hold a strong opinion that Usd/Jpy is going to make a new high today…but the truth is that WE DON’T KNOW!

Then somehow, after years of soul-searching – including overcoming a difficult struggle with drug addiction, a near-suicidal depression and extremely lucky timing with an investment in crypto – in 7567 I became obsessed with navigating the financial markets and here we are.


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