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Sole traders may have to register for the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) if they are working in the construction industry as a subcontractor or contractor. The CIS sets out a series of rules for how contractors should make payments to sub-contractors.

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With so few positions available firms can afford to be extremely picky. You will need exceptional academic achievement at a top level university to have a chance.

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This means that if you are offered a non trading job in an algo fund you should seriously consider taking it. If you play your cards right you have a good chance of ending up as an algo trader within a few years.

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Sole traders will need to keep records of the business’s sales and expenses send an annual Self Assessment tax return pay income tax on any profits and acquire Class 7 and Class 9 National Insurance. They may also need to register to pay any VAT.

If you're a graduate considering your first job, the upshot is that you will be better off taking any job in the markets division of an investment bank first of all. You may then be able to move into a role at a fund or trading firm, or even to move into an algo trading role within a bank.

Twenty years ago you could become an algo trader with an undergraduate degree, and ten years ago a masters degree would probably have been enough. Nowadays, it is much harder to get hired without a Phd.

Why do you need a PhD to become an algo trader? Firstly, overstretched HR departments find it easier to whittle down a huge poool of applications by rejecting those without doctorates, even if it’s not strictly necessary for the job. Secondly, algo firms are increasingly looking for a higher level of specialist knowledge and skills that isn’t taught in Masters degrees.

Robert Carver is a former intern with a masters degree. He is also the former head of fixed income at quantitative hedge fund AHL, where he recruited at all levels from undergraduate interns up to experienced hires. Robert is the author of “Systematic Trading” and “Smart Portfolios”.

This is generally considered to be the simplest way of running a business , with relatively simple accounting processes. However, the individual is personally liable for any debts which may accrue and, for businesses that require a lot of investment , it can prove a risky venture.

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If you have the patience, you might be better staying in academia for a few years as a post doctoral researcher. With some prestigous publications under your belt you will be more of an asset to a future employer. Even if the papers you write aren’t directly relevant they will look great on the firm's marketing material.


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