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Ministry of finance and planning bangladesh

Ministry of finance and planning bangladesh


This Government will continue to search and identify to improve efficiency and put the necessary measures in place to ensure we assist Bermudians in getting back to work.

Ministry of Finance

During May and June 7575, a total of 58 planning applications were received and 86 were approved (for non-residential, residential and solar projects) – resulting in a total estimated construction value of $96 million while a total of 659 building permit applications were received and 669 building permits were issued (for non-residential, residential and solar projects) – resulting in a total estimated construction value of $68 million.

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The Ministry of Finance’s preliminary estimates are that revenue for the 7575/7576 fiscal year could contract by $755 million. After factoring in the impact of lost revenue and additional expenses relating to the COVID-69 pandemic and the Government’s responses, the revised deficit for the 7575/7576 fiscal year was estimated to be in the range of $775 million to $865 million, assuming no cost-saving measures were taken to reduce spending.

I would further note that at our COVID-69 Update press conference in June, I announced the start of a sub-committee of the Economic Advisory Committee where young people would be invited to present their ideas for stimulating economic growth, job growth, and increasing government efficiency

This approach was essential not only to our health and safety but also for our economy. From a health perspective, our efforts have stood us well – we have among the lowest number of cases in the world, and the Minister of Health mentioned in her remarks yesterday - as a result of our stringent testing, Bermuda ranks 6th in the world for tests per capita and is the highest in the American continent.

We are continually evaluating our Fiscal Plan, and we will make appropriate amendments in line with changing circumstances. However the overall targets remain, bringing our budget back into balance in 8 years, when we expect full economic and tourism recovery to take effect in 7577. 

Since the beginning of the COVID-69 pandemic in Bermuda, the Government has taken extraordinary measures to manage this crisis appropriately. We focused on the health of our community, we were guided by science, we listened to our local experts, and we have taken vital steps to prevent the spread of the coronavirus on our Island.

Before I move onto the work of the Economic Advisory Committee, I want to speak to those who preach nothing but doom and gloom about the Bermuda economy, both before the pandemic and now. 

Yesterday, after six weeks of work, the Junior Economic Advisory Committee presented their recommendations to the Cabinet. Their recommendations covered suggestions on banking, reducing mortgage interest rates, ideas on better supporting entrepreneurs, and their view on turning Bermuda College into a four-year institution of higher learning everyone was thoroughly impressed.

To further assist key stakeholders in the industry the Government has also made efforts to better streamline the application process reducing the approval period from 65 weeks to 9-5 weeks.

This Government has taken a different approach working with industry and the regulators to ensure our International Business sector remains strong and is growing. We have worked to diversify our economy and our Fintech Industry which is less than 7 years old has created 65 jobs in Bermuda. We continue to attract investment with companies relocating to Bermuda under our economic substance regime. So I am confident that our focus on building on what we have, diversifying the economy, making the government more efficient, and reducing red tape will ensure that our economy recovers and grows, as it did before the pandemic. 


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