How could we make a better strategy based on multiple

Macd strategy gekko

Macd strategy gekko


// MACD settings:
= {
// EMA weight (α)
// the higher the weight, the more smooth (and delayed) the line
short: 65,
long: 76,
signal: 9,
// the difference between the EMAs (to act as triggers)
thresholds: {
down: -,
up: ,
// How many candle intervals should a trend persist
// before we consider it real?
persistence: 6

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Hi noob question here how do you configure gekko to show a candlestick chart? Ps any chance someone could walk

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But, the market can still decrease (or increase) and maybe after a few candles we should sell, to keep our gains by converting back our assets in currency. This is called a stoploss.

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The StochRSI strategy in Gekko is a simple strategy that implements the StochRSI indicator. By calculating the StochRSI as the market develops this strategy can trigger buy or sell signals based on the signal going too high (overbought) or too low (oversold). The strategy does come with configurables:

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The Strat runner we launched is running, we can see that it did nothing yet: 5 trade, PnL (Profit and Loss) is 5, etc. You can click on its line to come back to the detailled view of this Strat runner.

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I'm pretty new, and I don't really know how to set-up my personal strategy. Usually I import some months of data and I try with different settings.
Btw I don't know if is the best approach, because I noticed that If I run some test with some months history I got a results and if I run the test with same settings with some days history I got a totally different results.

one should write a strategy that checks for the activity of this thread. it really feels like people are interested and trading bitcoins when there is a spike to be noticed.

if( & & !) {
= true
( 8766 long 8767 )
_price = -*_rate/655

If you try to click on 8775 Scan available data 8776 , Gekko will complain, this is normal as we didn 8767 t provision anything yet.

TypeError: Cannot read property 'interval' of undefined

Thank you all for great ideas and strategies improvements.
Im still not able make it work. Would it be possible to include complete files to run this RSI/MACD/BB strategy here or send them on mail straight to me ??? pleaaaase


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