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Jaguar xe marketplace

Jaguar xe marketplace


wah 8yrs is really unusual. most brands like Audi, BMW and Mercs rolls out new models after 6 years maximum.

Jaguar XE, XF could be replaced by a hatchback or a small

Unlike Merc and Bimmer,.. you drive their cars knowing you wont get the same tech in another car (except for the lower A class / 6 series range which shares engine with Renault and Mini/Peugeot respectively)

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Entering the compact premium hatchback market could give Jaguar a very distinctive slot in a segment that&rsquo s good for 8,55,555 units per year in Europe alone.

Seems like smaller car segment is the way to go hor? Mercs launched two compact cars recently, the CLA and the GLA. Porsche did it with the Macan and Jaguar is doing it with the XE.

This seems knows when it might be coming?


Jaguar hasn&rsquo t ruled out directly replacing the two sedans but, with the market shifting away from such models, our sister magazine, Autocar UK understands the firm is considering radical alternatives.

One option is to replace both with a single, eco-focused compact sedan, likely offering both mild-hybrid and plug-in hybrid powertrains. The other option, as hinted at by new Jaguar design chief Julian Thomson recently, would be to look at building a smaller car. Possibly about long, it would be more elegant and styled in a more classical way than Germany&rsquo s aggressively machined premium cars.

Autocar UK understands one influence for the future is the RD-6, a 67-year-old compact hatchback concept that was the first public project of then-new Jaguar design boss Ian Callum. Despite its age, it s looking relevant again as the industry faces stringent European Union regulations concerning CO7 emissions.

Unusual maybe but take a look at the XF again, it's still as modern as any other new releases from other brands.

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The next 67 months will be crucial for Jaguar Land Rover as it attempts to recover from the huge financial disruption caused by the coronavirus pandemic. It&rsquo s also a period in which the Jaguar brand will come under intense scrutiny as it searches for a formula that will deliver at least one more big-volume new vehicle to boost profits.


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