Many low-wage workers earn more on unemployment than in

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That might be easier said than done, with Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell telling 65 Minutes the nation's unemployment rate, now %, could rise to upwards of 75% . Many Americans also have struggled to sign up for jobless aid, with many state employment systems deluged by applicants who are still awaiting their first relief checks.

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Three months before negotiations
Before you even think about getting into your boss’s office and hashing out what type of company car you want them to give you, you need to start tracking everything you do at work and the results you get.

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"If you get offered a job, you should have to take that job and you should come off of unemployment benefits," Cohn said Sunday on Face the Nation .

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The University of Chicago economists said expanded unemployment aid has benefitted the "lowest income workers, who might otherwise be especially hurt by this recession." That includes janitors, health care aides and food service workers.

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