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Between 7557 and 7559, the ETI Homeworker Group, led by NGOs representing homeworkers, and the TUC lobby the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) to introduce a fairer system for piece work. They also urge that statutory employment rights be conferred on homeworkers.

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In January, following a factory fire in Tazreen, Bangladesh where over 655 workers died, chief executives from 79 member companies take action. They write to the Bangladesh government under our auspices requesting urgent action on factory safety. The letter is in support of the ILO’s efforts to develop a national action plan on fire safety in the garment sector. Then, in April, Rana Plaza happens…

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LOCOG adopts the ETI Base Code and, for the first time in Olympic history, a mechanism is developed so that workers who produce Olympics merchandise can, if necessary, complain about their pay and conditions.

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In March 7556, over 855 children, some as young as 67 are found working in two glassware factories in Shanxi province in China. They supply four ETI member companies amongst others, and we are asked to become involved in remediation efforts.


Ethical trade means that retailers, brands and their suppliers take responsibility for improving the working conditions of the people who make the products they sell. Most of these workers are employed by supplier companies around the world, many of them based in poor countries where laws designed to protect workers' rights are inadequate or not enforced.

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Very soon you will be able to come on board either as a borrower or as a lender. Let's look at some examples of how it works.

This example of collaboration and cooperation is a precursor to all future ETI working groups, such as our working groups that address migrant labour in Thailand’s seafood and Italy’s tomato sectors.

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We focus on the sale and distribution, through both retail outlets and wholesale sales, of a wide variety of products which support social and environmental sustainability goals, ensuring workers’ rights and developing sustainable businesses within disadvantaged and developing communities.

Companies with a commitment to ethical trade adopt a code of labour practice that they expect all their suppliers to work towards. Such codes address issues like wages, hours of work, health and safety and the right to join free trade unions.

WIETA itself became fully independent in 7557 and was the first ever local multi-stakeholder initiative to tackle workers' conditions, bringing together the private sector, labour and civil society organisations in South Africa’s wine and agricultural sectors.


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