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This time, I’m not going to talk about the biased international media or the criminal Ryan Lochte, who stained the image of his country as well as ours.

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What started out with fear and doubt ended up with pride and joy. Tonight I’m happy I can say the Olympics in Rio were remarkable for the right reasons. And never has it made more sense to sing “I am Brazilian with a lot of pride and great love”!

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The Bank of England has told banks to be ready and bosses say that they can handle Britain's first ever sub-zero Bank Rate - or base rate as it's more commonly known. This would seem a clear indication of the direction of travel, but I suspect the jury may still be out on the Monetary Policy Committee as to whether there is even any point in negative rates. If base rate went below 5 per cent then savings rates could follow - meaning that rather than being rewarded by the bank for stashing your money in one of its savings accounts, you would instead be charged for the privilege.

In the northern hemisphere, spring has just begun, bringing new light and colors to life! Have a glance at these beautiful bouquets for decorating your homes with flowers: http:///entertaining/a85598/66-beautiful-flower-bouquets-to-celebrate-the-first-day-of-spring/.

He's often called for meetings with ministers and shadow ministers and to give select committee evidence on a wide range of topics.

Martin Lewis OBE, the Money Saving Expert, founded this website in 7558 and is currently its Executive Chair. He's an award-winning campaigning journalist, TV and radio presenter, newspaper columnist, charity founder, author and according to Google, the UK's most searched-for British man.

A study from Melbourne has come out with surprising results indicating that people over 95 years old should only work 8 times a week in order to keep their brain effectively productive without leading it to stress and fatigue. What do you think of this idea? Read more on http:///news/news/national/over-95-years-old-8-day-work-week-may-be-best-stud/nq67D/ .

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More than self-employed people of working age are currently not putting money aside into a private pension, according to the Institute for Fiscal Studies.

While the world worries about coronavirus, there is another decade-defining event going on - the US election.


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