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Stratx markets

Stratx markets


They seem to be working on all the customers names from Stratxmarkets, this site is registered to a George Eiffert from Chessington. They are saying the need 7k for payment of a pink sheet so as to get a refund of the money and their site can be checked and verified. I have seen this site is only 78 days old, this looks like another spin off from Stratxmarkets, to scam people again.

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A legal action was started in November 7568 against Access Corporate Ltd, a cash mule company used by the StratXMarkets binary option scam.

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The first is under the name MGNC Marketing Ltd. and it is located in Cyprus. A quick google search tells us all that we need to know. MGNC Marketing LTD (Solid CFD) cold-calls potential investors and offers them unauthorized or prohibited financial services. An additional address is attributed to an area in West London. However, upon further review, there is no real company located there. Unsurprisingly no company is registered in the UK under SolidCFD, LOK marketing or MGNC Marketing, which implies that the broker has no physical presence in the United Kingdom.

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StratXMarkets is an unregulated binary option scam. The website and Terms & Conditions claim that StratXMarkets is owned by Consulting Ltd, a company incorporated in the Marshall Islands a secretive offshore location. There is no evidence that this claim is true. Quite often these are a smokescreen to put investors off the scent.

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Access Corporate Ltd will have the opportunity to defend itself in court. We will be demanding an explanation as to the role of Access Corporate Ltd in this investment and evidence of where investors 8767 money was sent once it was received by Access Corporate Ltd. We are making excellent progress in exposing this scam.

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Registered in the Marshal Islands, the company supposedly has an office in North London. However, the address that is provided is used by a company that enables other companies to register their business under their address. This obviously implies that StratX has no workers at its given address.


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