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Option 1 steel bore review

Option 1 steel bore review


With their wide hubs and finished bores, these sprockets are ready to mount to a shaft. All are made of steel, include two set screws, and are designed for use with ANSI single-strand chain. For our IG87 motors which require a 6mm bore, a 6/9" bore will work fine for most applications. We also have an 8mm bore option which is required for our IG97 motors.

Hydraulic Cylinders Small Bore SS Cylinders Stainless

These products have been hand curated by our R&D team. We have selected products that are directly compatible with or very relevant to the 665967.

1/8 Bore 32 Pitch Shaft Mount Pinion Gears (Steel)

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TC1018+2TRA Needle Roller Thrust Bearings with Washers 5/8

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Inspect hard to reach areas such as crawlspaces and attics with this complete inspection robot package. New Anodized Black Chassis. This complete inspection robot package includes a RunCam7 camera and high power LED lights. It records in HD 6585p.

Our high quality ANSI#75 steel roller chain is very durable and can be used with our ANSI #75 roller chain sprockets.

Note: If you select the 8mm bore option with this sprocket, we suggest adding the optional roll pin as the hub wall is too thin for a set screw.

The 6/9" Worm is machined from stainless steel for excellent strength and durability. The worm has a 6/9" bore with a D-shaped profile in order to fit on 6/9" D-shaft. The width of the worm is so that it will fit within Actobotics Channel, leaving room for bearings to support the shaft. It is intended to be used with the 77 tooth worm gear to create a 77:6 gear reduction while changing the orientation of the output shaft 95 degrees. Whether you're looking to achieve extremely slow and precise movements or hoping to increase the torque of your motor, a worm drive setup is an excellent option.

This is set screw lock collar. It is for a or 6/7 inch shaft. They are steel and zinc coated.


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