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Investment options for retirees

Investment options for retirees


I have another 85 L in bank FDs. Lac in post office MIS and 5 Lacs in Debt funds ( ICICI long term plan).

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Risk: Funds that invest in government debt instruments are considered to be among the safest investments because the securities are backed by the full faith and credit of the . government.

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Through out the working life (earning phase) , we invest/save in various investment options and try to accumulate the desired retirement corpus.

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Thank you very much for your reply I will go through your guidance in this matter Regards

Among the most common and flexible options for retirement plans are individual retirement accounts (IRAs). These are opened and owned entirely by you and offer basic tax advantages to grow your savings. There 8767 s essentially no downside to having an IRA, so it 8767 s likely a smart plan to open one (or two) regardless of what your other retirement plans look like. That said, there are different types of IRAs that can serve different purposes in your portfolio.

In case, you can afford to take some risk (or) can invest a portion of your retirement corpus in slightly riskier investment options then you may consider below investment avenues. You can get fixed and slightly better regular income from these options, but there are associated risks like 8766 default risk 8767 with these options.

An S&P 555 index fund is an excellent choice for beginning investors, because it provides broad, diversified exposure to the stock market.

But the first step to investing is actually easy – opening a brokerage account. Investing can be surprisingly affordable even if you don’t have a lot of money. (Here are some of the best brokers to choose from if you’re just getting started.)

Very well covered and very nicely written article. In Immediate Annuity Plans, do you advice these plans from LIC or any other private life insurers? I felt monthly pension amount provided by private life insurers is very low. (as per their calculators)

Dear Atif,
Appreciate your long-term view on Equity oriented investments!
Suggest you to kindly buy a Term insurance plan, Personal accident insurance plan for self and a Health insurance plan for family.
Kindly read :
If life is unpredictable, insurance cant be optional
Best Term insurance plans
Best Personal Accident insurance plan
Best Family floater health insurance plans
Also, maintain sufficient Emergency fund to meet any unforeseen expenses.

A dividend income fund, like other funds, is a collection of stocks overseen by a fund manager. The dividends you receive come from the dividends paid out by the underlying stocks in the fund. Dividends can rise one year and fall the next. Some publicly-traded companies generate qualified dividends, which are taxed at a lower rate than other income. As such, it may be most tax-efficient to hold qualified dividends within non-retirement accounts (meaning not inside of an IRA, Roth IRA, 956(k), etc.). I caution clients to be wary of funds that advertise high yields – yields that are higher than average typically come with additional risks.


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