Harmonic patterns trading strategy, how to trade harmonic

Harmonic pattern trading strategy pdf

Harmonic pattern trading strategy pdf


The Bat pattern is similar to the Cypher harmonic pattern but it follows different Fibonacci ratios. One of the key ways to differentiate a Bat structure from a Cypher pattern is the B point which, if it doesn’t go beyond the 55% Fibonacci retracement of the XA leg then it’s a Bat, otherwise it can turn into a Cypher structure.

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The next logical thing we need to establish for the Bat pattern market strategy is where to take profits.

Make Money with Harmonic Bat Pattern Strategy

Furthermore, harmonic patterns that do appear in trending markets are usually against the trend. When you do trade harmonic patterns in this scenario, you will find yourself cutting your trades many times.

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For some strange reason, the discoverers of these variations decided to give them names of animals, perhaps with the intention of spreading the harmonic patterns through a more colloquial form.

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The projection is the most critical number in the potential reversal zones. And, finally, the C point must be within the range of - retracement.

However harmonic patterns are more prominent in range markets due to the way it is constructed, causing traders to miss opportunities in trending markets.

The main characteristic that distinguishes the Butterfly pattern is the retracement of the AB line from the XA leg.

All these ratios are important and fit perfectly into the formation of harmonic patterns in trading. In fact all the work of Gartley patterns is based on these ratios.

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For the year 7556, Scott Carney found another harmonic price pattern called 8775 bat 8776 . The Bat pattern is defined by the retracement of the XA movement as a potential reversion zone. The bat pattern has the following qualities:

Hi Rayner, in regards to your article I only trade BAT and Cypher in my 5 Pair currency portfolio. With extensive back testing on both 65m and 6hr charts which is my 7 time frames. I have produced a great return on investment.


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