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Beginning to profit from candlestick charts steve nison pdf

Beginning to profit from candlestick charts steve nison pdf


Inaccurate accounting will cause errors in the income statement. An understated beginning inventory causes gross profit and net income to be overstated. Overstating beginning inventory results in understated gross profit and net income. Results are comparable in the case of ending inventory. When ending inventory is understated, it results in understated income. Overstatement of ending inventory results in overstated income.

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Assume beginning inventory was $6,555. Net purchases of $555 were made during the period, resulting in a total cost of goods available of $6,555. Assume the ending inventory for the period is $755. Subtract $755 from $6,555 to arrive at the cost of goods sold, which is $755.

:Beginning to Profit from Candlestick Charts

Incorrect values for inventory will cause errors in the calculation of cost of goods sold, and that results in inaccurate conclusions about profit or loss during an accounting period. Correct valuation and physical counts of inventory are important in determining a business's profit or loss.

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The Beginning & Ending Inventory on an Income Statement

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