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Amazon trader account

Amazon trader account


Sorry, that is incorrect on several counts. A sole-trader (registered as a business with HMRC and Amazon) can have either an Individual account or Professional - as stated in previous replies, there is a difference between selling plan and selling status - the Individual/Professional is the selling plan (I think for a while it was advertised as ‘Sell a Little’ or ‘Sell a Lot’ when signing up to sell on Amazon.)

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Hi Pink Panther, option you suggested is to sign to professional benefits plan and it cost per months and does not change my trading status!

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You can have two separate seller accounts BUT there are some very strict rules about it and they are actively enforced.

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This means if you have a limited company and somebody else is a legal representative on Amazon . You are a director and own 655% shares of the company but a “manager/employee(typically a family member if you ask me in accountancy term)” represents your company on Amazon then, yes you can have two accounts.

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A company operated by Uncle Tom and other company operated by Aunty Sue are still two separate legal entities.

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Hi Pink Panter. I am registered as sole trader now with HMRC and want to trade legally by all means. I just want to change individual seller to Sole trader - which I have problem with on Amazon site?

Really, I wouldn’t have though of that one, does that mean that if I go back to using my old name MR S MIFF I can open a new account as long as it doesn’t show my real name that I use today, MR KEEPING UP WITH THE JONES’, hmmmmmmmmmmm, very interesting!


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