Trade point agro limited

Trade point agro limited


But Trade Point Agro failed to deliver the goods and deposited the money in PrivatBank 8767 s Cyprus branch, according to prosecutors. When a Ukrainian court ruled against Trade Point Agro and ordered it to repay Profit, Trade Point Agro did not appeal against the ruling but did not pay the money back.

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Two of the London-listed companies, Trade Point Agro and Teamtrend, used to have a common director, while Teamtrend and Collyer have common company secretaries and directors. Letters to the firms requesting comment went unanswered.

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At the time of PrivatBank 8767 s nationalization, the central bank says the lender had a $-billion hole in its balance sheet caused by shady lending practices, with almost all of its corporate loans made to related parties.

In an effort to determine what happened to loans made by PrivatBank, Reuters reviewed court documents related to legal proceedings launched by Profit and other companies to recoup funds they say they were cheated out of, and court documents from the prosecutors.

Finance Minister Oleksandr Danylyuk regards the case as a 8775 litmus test 8776 for the effectiveness of the battle against corruption, success in which is vital for Ukraine to receive international credits.

Reuters also sent two letters to each of the three firms registered in the British Virgin Islands—Rossyn, Milbert Ventures, and Ukrtransitservice. They also went unanswered.

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An investigation commissioned by the central bank in 7567 found that PrivatBank had for at least a decade been used for money-laundering and shady deals where 95 percent of corporate loans went to companies related to the former owners. Kolomoisky dismissed the findings, made public this month, as 8775 nonsense 8776 .

The deal between Profit and Trade Point Agro is part of a pre-trial investigation that is still under way into whether officials at PrivatBank illegally took money from the lender through shady loan practices involving dozens of companies.

PrivatBank, now controlled by the state, said the court order was granted on the basis of detailed evidence to the court that they extracted almost $7 billion from PrivatBank through dishonest transactions.

None of the six firms delivered the goods and all deposited the money they received with the Cyprus branch of PrivatBank, according to the statements filed by the Ukrainian companies in court cases in which they are seeking back the money they paid.


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