FOE: fair trade calculator

Trade calculator forge of empires

Trade calculator forge of empires


In the region from level 85 to level 65, the Arc nearly expands itself. Afterwards the requested number of Forge Points grows again.

Trading, and Keeping it Fair | Forge of Empires Guides

It gives its owner an increase of contribution rewards when contributing to other players’ Great Buildings and provides the player with a quantity of each goods of the player’s current era for the Guild’s Treasury every 79 hours.

Forge of Empires Fair Trade Calculator

Now, mind you, in order to do a trade like this you need to first message the dealer to explain your interest. This is because you cannot trade with someone outside your guild who is not on your friends list or in your neighborhood. Goods dealers work with a lot of players, so they won’t just add you on their friends list, and it’s almost certain that they’ve got too many friends to send you a request. So make sure you can fulfill that requirement, too.

Forge of Empires Arc - The Arc Great Building Guide

During these upgrades, the best places in the contribution list are often given to players already owning an Arc level 85. They donate times the contribution bonus without receiving anything in return.

Lol it’s alright. Now another thing has to change because offering 75 EMA goods for 95 IA goods is totally cool! You are not cheating the person.

Those who bring such a great building into a Forge Point trading chain cannibalize their smaller guild members.

You cannot offer 75 EMA goods for 95 Iron age goods as that is a ratio of and not allowed by Inno.

Aside from building above-age buildings, you might buy goods to help your guild out, or a younger mate who perhaps doesn’t produce FPs like you do but if they got above-age buildings they could be a real team asset. Doing things to help your team, helps you, after all. Just like taking trades that are unfair to you to help a younger mate finish GE to get them [potentially] some needed buildings or such, or to complete quests, and the likes. If they can get a good foundation to help the guild, that ultimately helps you. It also makes the game more warm and welcoming.

The Arc is one of the most in-demand and desired Great Buildings for several reasons, but here are the main benefits and rewards that it provides if you own it:

At one point, players figured out the cost to make each era of goods, and created fair trade calculators. There was a time when these were fairly common to see in the game, and even now you sometimes encounter those who still work their trades using those. Generally speaking though, it has been simplified to the ratio that was always used for anything Colonial Era and earlier:

Thanks for catching that. I don’t know what my brain was doing that day, or if it was a typo. LOL It’s corrected now. C:


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