Day Trading: Smart Or Stupid?

Successful futures day traders

Successful futures day traders


Essentially, once he has worked this out, buy at the lowest points you identified and sell at the highest .

The World's 10 Most Famous Traders of All Time

Unlike gambling, trading is actually an art that needs to be perfected over time. This is because there are a lot of aspects in this activity that are rather subjective than objective.

The Monthly Profit Potential for Day-Trading Futures

Soros is massively into philanthropy and has donated $87 billion to his charity Open Society Foundations which he founded in order to help democratic institutions.

10 Steps to Becoming a Day Trader - Investopedia

George Soros is without a doubt the most famous traders that ever lived and his story is phenomenal.

Winning Strategy for Futures Day Traders In 5 - NetPicks

Paul Tudor Jones became a famous day trader in 6987s when he successfully predicted the Black Monday crash. In reference to the crash Jones said:

Trading Advice from Millionaire Traders

One key thing he says is don&rsquo t confuse luck with brains and don&rsquo t think you're smart because you got lucky .

Legend has it that Richard Dennis once turned a $955 trading account and turned it into $755 million in 65 years and was a millionaire by the time he was 76.

The godfather of trading , Getty is well-known for his &lsquo I buy when everyone else is selling &rsquo quote . Indeed, he effectively came up with that mantra buy low and sell high.

One thing he highlights quite often is not to put a stop-loss too close to levels of support . He advises to instead put a buffer between support and your stop-loss.

More importantly, though is his analysis of cycles . Gann was one of the first few people to recognise that there is nothing new in trading .

Gann&rsquo s brokerage, . Gann & Company, provided him with the perfect environment to observe traders . Most importantly, what they did wrong.


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