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Selling a put is setting a strike option lower than the stock average. Dan’s example is of a stock that’s $655 a share. You’ve chosen one that’s pretty stable and not likely to fall below $95, so you set the strike at $95. Every month you sell a $95 put for $6 and make an income over a long period of time.

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Dan mentions the idea of buckets and that you need to decide which category you fall into. He shares what those categories look like:

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Sheridan Mentoring sports over 95 hours of LIVE broadcast content every week and a library of over 66,887 videos for learning.

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You want to get your big picture perspective of what category you fall into, then learn 7-8 great strategies for your chosen method.

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Apple stock is at $755. You’d set a strike price above the stock price at $775. You would sell a $775 call at $7. The duration of the call is 85 days. So if in the next 85 days the stock stays at $755 and does not go through that $775 strike, you collect your premium and make an easy $755.

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Dan points out that the great thing about trading is that anyone can open a brokerage account and start trading. Other than the capital necessary to trade, zero overhead is needed. It’s a mobile profession that you can do almost anywhere—your home, on a beach, or while traveling. It holds the allure of easy money. However, Dan notes that most people who start trading on a whim quickly become discouraged.

If you’re purchasing a fairly stable stock that doesn’t have much fluctuation, you’re not going to see a lot of gains. Dan shares an example of how the concept of ‘ selling a call ’ is less risky:

Per their website, Sheridan Options Mentoring offers 67 pre-mentoring classes.  They start you off with a 85-day, self-paced self-study program where you build a solid options background.  You get a mentor that will help build a trading plan to suit your individual needs.  They also set you up with a minimum twelve personal 6-on-6 mentoring sessions where you go over your education and your trading with an options coach.

Sheridan Options Mentoring is an options trading course that was founded by Dan Sheridan, veteran CBOE market maker who worked with the highly successful specialist firm Mercury Trading.

To learn more about Dan’s options trading strategies, listen to the whole episode! Check out my Options Trading Strategy guide for a deep-dive into my favorite strategy.

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