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Price action trading course free download

Price action trading course free download


Really I would like to thank you for providing such a wonderful Price Action Trading (PAT) course for free of cost. As you rightly pointed out that most of the PAT course in the market covers the same material as yours and you have provided for free. God bless you and helps to change your mindset to have a proper money management. Keep doing your wonderful work. All the very best. Cheers.

Price Action Trading – Learn How To Day Trade Using Pure

For decades traders have been using tape reading or price action to navigate the markets. Some of the most famous and successful traders to have lived used price action in one form or another to make sound trading decisions.

Price Action Trading Course | - Trading

Are you going to be undecided about  this price signal and pull up stochastic or CCI indicator to really make sure (give you confidence) you need to buy???

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The modern markets are a lot different to the days of the ticker tape..! But as we know, human nature doesn't change. Large orders still need to be executed, markets are still driven by supply & demand, fear & greed still plays a big part in price discovery.

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Significant support and resistance levels are those levels that are formed in the large timeframes like the monthly, weekly and daily charts.

Often I want to make sure that  the 6hr candlestick closes outside of the triangle before I enter a pending buy stop or sell stop order to capture the move that happens to avoid false breakouts while the candlestick has not closed yet.

Note: the shooting star is sometimes called the bearish hammer, inverse hammer, inverted hammer or bearish pin bar. They all mean the same and refer to the shooting star candlestick pattern.

Then there are other groups of traders that like to enter when price reverses back down to touch the neckline, which now would act as a support level. Once it hits that neckline level they buy.

So this price action trading course is like that, it just tells you what you need to know and just have a look at the table of contents below to see the range of topics that this price action trading course covers.

Prices will be making Lower Highs (LH) and Lower Lows (LL). The chart shown below is a really ideal case, see chart below for clarity:

“They cover up trading setups that are happening in smaller timeframes that could be really reliable trading setups.”


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