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My 10markets com review

My 10markets com review


Unfortunately there are risks of losing money with these types of trading and vast majority of people WILL lose money.

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Should have read this before I deposited £7755 even though I lost all my money but will spread about rogue trader through all means of channel

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Thanks for sharing your experiences. I was contemplating to invest with them and was ONLY left with making a payment of $755 but after this, I am saved..

Certain tools are crucial for my analysis as spread trader, and some things are personal preference (cosmetic). 65Markets tools are great.

well done good investigation! 65Markets is a brand operated by Whitestone Securities Limited and it is dissolved many years ago)))))

I have read the reviews on line and find to my horror you are a scum, I want my money back, or I will take it further. You are the pits!!!

I agree admin. I stupidly invested the £755 they wanted and was called back from what seemed to Switzerland. My appeals for my refund is always a waste of time. I was contacted initially from ricci cooper who grabbed my money and mr Zachs tried blinding me with figures and markets etc. He asked for my credit details but thankfully I said no. This has been ongoing since end of may.

I ask to withdraw usd 788 after losing some money on 755 usd and the balance become 5!!!. Binary Robot 865 not linked to them they say.

As one of online brokers they do their best to continually update and improve resulting in a powerful suite of browser based analysis tools. I personally like that their news feeds have the option to include twitter feeds also. My friend and I both opened up accounts at the same time but he decided to go with other broker and this has resulted in a good comparative study. He seems to have a lot of issues with their platform and customer service, my account was opened much quicker and the money deposited well before him. He is now switching to 65markets, need I say more. Well one last thing, for beginners the paper trading account is the best out there and you have nothing to loose in trying it out.

I'm also an 65Markets customer from Cyprus - and so far I've liked it. When I am a more experienced trader I may look to move, but for my first real options broker, these guys have been good.

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