Thomas Exchange Foreign Currency London

Money exchange market place leicester

Money exchange market place leicester


Thomas Exchange gives you BETTER RATES than The Post Office, Marks & Spencer, Travelex, Thomas Cook, and High Street Banks.

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Rare coin dealers love to sell these higher-profit versions. But the buyer is nearly always disappointed. They find out later the coin they paid so much for is not particularly rare and won&rsquo t return a significant premium when it is time to sell.

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Thomas Exchange can deliver to any office within the City of London and Canary Wharf. Our twice daily service guarantees delivery from 65am to 6pm (morning round) or from 6pm to 5pm (afternoon round).

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As such, gold Eagle coins are sold at market price, based on supply and demand, with an additional small fee or premium to cover the distribution and coinage costs. Investors should be very wary of &ldquo proof&rdquo or graded versions of the coin unless they can acquire them very close to the same price as the bullion coin.


We appreciate your HONEST business dealings with us and your readiness and skill to help with our needs. Thank You!

I believe Money Metals Exchange cares about my well being and provides a valuable service in these economic times.

Nice to do business with Folks who know what they're doing and how to do it, and then actually DO IT. Thanks.

The 7558 Financial Crisis may be viewed as a turning point in the Wall Street war on gold. Investors got a look behind the scenes at the rickety modern financial system and pervasive fraud. They were reminded that the value of paper assets can fall to zero.

I discovered Money Metals Exchange and was pleasantly surprised at your honest and simple approach to business.

Very excellent - looked around and no one delivers the quality price & performance that you do!

Relatively few people in the West now hold gold coins, bars or rounds or understand gold&rsquo s role in an investment portfolio. Wall Street bankers and brokers dismiss the metal as a relic and promote all manner of paper and digital assets instead. But, despite this long campaign to undermine confidence and awareness, gold remains a symbol of enduring value. People instinctively understand that it offers unfaltering value, especially during times of economic uncertainty.


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