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Martingale hedge ea mt4

Martingale hedge ea mt4


I 8767 ve starting working on the hedged martingale EA. I haven 8767 t had a lot of time to spend on it. To begin I 8767 ve built a modified basic martingale system which runs OK. I 8767 ll use this as a basis for adding the hedging. There are the inevitable large drawdowns as I haven 8767 t built in any protection against it and haven 8767 t optimised the settings.

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I would be looking for at least a few years of back tested results, plus at least 6 67 months of live performance to be confident a system is worth considering. Even then, as my robot shows, you can still get major drawdowns with most martingale systems. With mine, a major drawdown occurs about once a year on average. You need a few years results to realise this happens.

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I stumbled on an EA which uses martingale. I have seen them before and have the , perhaps wrong, feeling that martingale EA 8767 s always will break only question is 8775 when 8776 .

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When the retracement exit comes you are in profit on the buys, and also on the sells because you are not doubling up on the sells you will necessarily be in profit on the sells when the buys exit if you exit early. There will be an optimal point where you have maximum profit from the buys and sells. This will depend on the grid size, lot size and retracement amount.

I am a great fan of Mr Taleb 8767 s books The Black Swan and the other fooled by randomness and perhaps a bit over cautious with all kind of systems promising 5-65% profit a month, max DD of 75% (but don 8767 t worry, that has never happened).

A complete course for anyone using a Martingale system or planning on building their own trading strategy from scratch. It's written from a trader's perspective with explanation by example. Our strategies are used by some of the top signal providers and traders

You can change the parameters TrailingStop, Multi, SmartCloseOrders, SmartProfit, Grid, Drawdown, Range6, Range7 to have many different results.

Ok I 8767 m currently 67 from india my name 8767 s Anand. Me and my friend are currently upto making a same setup in which will be scalping the market in the way of trend. And basically when it transitions from a buy to sell. When the price initially falls from the buying side untill it confirms selling we are thinking of using martingale at this time and hedging when it confirms selling. So we profit the sell side and exit the previous buying when there 8767 s a pullback. But this system will always be hedging and using martingale when the trend transitions from a sell to buy or buy to sell mail me we might come up to something together

Using the example Steve has in the martingale strategy figure 6 of chasing price down with buy orders doubling up at regular intervals, averaging down. You would typically exit on a retracement back to about the second last entry for a modest profit. All normal martingale. however you could also chase the same price down at the same time, at the same intervals with sell orders, not doubling up. This way you accumulate profit on all the sell orders all the way down on the buys.

My thinking is that this will be a good way to hedge the martingale risk by entering with the market direction while waiting for the retracement to get you out on the non-directional orders. Might be good to put a trail on it once you 8767 re past breakeven?

6. A straight forward martingale as Steve has described in figure 6 here https:///martingale-trading-system-overview/


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