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Iqfeed broker

Iqfeed broker


While other quote feeds resell data from third parties, domestic quote data in IQFeed is direct from each exchange. Our feeds are the fastest because we eliminate the middleman.

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Chart Symbol is AAPL from IQFeed. The broker is Interactive Brokers. Default Symbol Mapping is not correct: Broker Symbol name should be changed.

List of Supported Broker Connections and Data Feeds

Symbol mapping is automatically correct if the data on chart comes from a data source that is your broker at the same time. Examples: IB, CQG, LMAX and so on. A mapping line is created in a broker profile when there is a plotted chart, the chart trading panel is opened and a broker profile is connected. The important point is to add symbols through symbol lookup and not manually. If a symbol is added through the symbol lookup, then it has all correct parameters, so this symbol on the chart and the symbol at the broker end will match. As the result, mapping is correct.

Note: the most recent version of this document can be found at: http:/// . Please check this page for updates.

Click Lookup button in the Broker Symbol column to select the correct symbol. Correct Symbol Mapping configuration:

. , it is not possible to import Symbol Mapping of Interactive Brokers to CQG broker profile, but import can be executed from CQG broker profile to CQG broker profile named, for example, CQG Demo.

*Exchange Fees Extra for Real-Time Data, consult IQFeed web site for any changes in pricing.

Tick by tick spot forex feed with 685 days of tick history, 65 years+ of 6 minute history and real-time streaming news. Works with any 8rd party IQFeed compatible software.

To add symbols just use Symbol- New menu and enter comma separated list of ticker symbols you want to add.

DTN is the leading supplier of data for the physical cash commodities market. DTN IQFeed delivers real-time, historical, and intraday data for securities market analysis, as well as additional market indicators that many competitive services don’t include.

Professional tick by tick and historical market data with access to stocks, futures, forex and options. Plus real time streaming news and compatibility with most industry leading 8rd party software packages.


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