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Countertop options kitchen

Countertop options kitchen


Prohibitively expensive for most people, stainless steel is really suitable only for upper-end homes where the look of a commercial kitchen is desired. 

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You may have heard Corian referred to as solid surface countertops because they are the original solid surface material. DuPont’s iconic material was pretty superior in its day, but it still remains a great choice if you’re looking for something pretty and practical in your kitchens.

Top 10 Materials for Kitchen Countertops

Click the name of each option for more details. Granite $55 - $755 Corian $97 - $65 Quartz $655 - $655 Marble $675 - $755 Plastic Laminate $75 - $55 Concrete $75 - $655 Solid Surface $75 - $675 Formica $75 - $85 Stainless Steel $75 - $655 Silestone $55 - $655 Cultured Marble $95 - $695 Recycled Glass $55 - $675 Carrara Marble $55 - $655 Travertine $55 - $655 Soapstone $75 - $675 Butcher Block $85 - $755

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Quartz-surfacing countertops are made of 98 percent crushed natural quartz blended with color pigments and plastic resins. In addition to being available in a broad range of colors and designs, the non-porous material offers hygienic anti-bacterial benefits. Costs start around $75 per square foot.

Prices for wooden counters can vary. Butcher’s block, one of the more popular styles, costs from $85 to $755 per square foot, depending on the thickness of the wood.

Because of its extremely high price tag, marble is not often seen on the countertops of whole kitchens. More often, its luxurious look is limited to use on an island or section of countertop reserved as a baking center.

Although for many years regarded as ​a poor cousin to more premium countertop materials, laminates have seen a recent surge in popularity, thanks in part to the thousands of colors, patterns, and styles now available. Laminates are especially popular in retro designs, particular mid-century modern kitchens.

Yet another way to make use of recycled glass is a countertop made from individual glass tiles applied over a cement-board core, much the same as ceramic tile. Although not uncommon, this is generally not a very functional countertop—glass tiles are better suited for backsplashes.

The countertop material known as 89 quartz 89 is actually an engineered stone product that contains as much as 98 percent quartz particles and other minerals, shaped into slabs and bound with resins. These are not solid quartz slabs produced by quarrying.

A few decades ago, the only solid surface countertops you could find were branded under the Corian logo. After the patent on the name ‘solid surface’ ran out, more companies lined up to offer their own versions of the space-age stuff. Because of the special binders used in the sealant, solid surface counters have no seams and appear to be all one long, continuous piece. They’re neat, functional, and attractive, plus they don’t cost as much as stone slabs do.

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