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The Chartist is unusual because of the thousands of investment advisory newsletters published in the ., only a few follow their own advice with real money on the line. Sullivan is highly critical of the so-called 8775 hypothetical portfolios, 8776 contending that they are out of touch with the real world.

Chartist - Simple responsive charts

Essentially, this is a buy high, sell higher approach. The basic concept of relative strength is that the stocks that are stronger compared to their peers will appreciate to a much greater degree than the average issue. This dictates buying stocks after they have already made significant gains. The average investor finds this difficult to do because it is, in effect, the opposite of conventional lore of buying low and selling high. The high relative strength stocks, however, are exactly the ones Sullivan wants because they offer the potential for the greatest gains.

Javascript - In Chartist, how do I add specific options to

Now as you've included into your project, you can go ahead and create your first chart. The library comes with some default styles that can easily be overridden or customised with the Sass (SCSS) version.

How to create responsive charts with

There were already tons of good charting libraries out there, but none of them actually solved the issue of generating simple and nice looking charts that also behaved responsively.

Chartist - API Documentation

You can also specify the dataset for a bar chart as arrays of two numbers. This will force rendering of bars with gaps between them (floating-bars). First and second numbers in array will correspond the start and the end point of a bar respectively.

After spending hours trying to tweak existing libraries to make them behave how I wanted them to, I simply decided to create my own. This marked the birth of .

The biggest issue I'm currently noticing with a lot of libraries is that they are trying to solve too many problems, and forgetting about the fact that they are libraries and not applications. I'm sure you've run into situations where a library customises everything but the one thing you'd really like to customise. By building upon web standards, you can easily extend the functionality of and scale linearly.

The easiest way to started with is by using Bower package manager (). You can then install the latest version of by typing the following command in your shell:

In an industry where hundreds of financial newsletters come and go every year, The Chartist has stood the test of time.

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If you'd like to go with the default styles, you can simply use the pre-built CSS -chart to create achart container in your HTML.


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