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Call option price black scholes calculator

Call option price black scholes calculator


For overview of all the calculator’s features and more screenshots, see Black-Scholes Calculator.

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Black-Scholes Formula (d1, d2, Call Price, Put Price

It s because this is for calculating an ATM option. The strike price is the same as the base price.

How to Calculate Black Scholes Option Pricing Model

Therefore it is essential to understand how strike price affects option prices – not only on its own, but also in combination with the other factors like time to expiration or volatility, which change throughout an option’s life. The Black-Scholes model can help us understand and model these effects, and thereby help us select the best option for a particular trading idea.

Black-Scholes Model for Pricing Equity Options | Financial

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What is Black-scholes Model? Definition of Black-scholes

Call option premium is inverse to strike price. The lower the strike price, the higher the premium, given the same underlying price.

Strike price affects not only how an option’s price changes with underlying price, but also the option’s sensitivity to other factors. For example, with passing time some strikes will lose value faster than others. Different strikes will also react differently to changes in volatility.

In the middle of the X-axis, where strikes are close to the current underlying price ($655 in our example), intrinsic value is relatively small (for strikes below $655) or zero (for strikes at and above $655), but time value is high. Both intrinsic value and delta decrease as we move to higher strikes.

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The formula above only works for ATM for a specific strike.

If you want a pricing model in Excel click on the Free Spreadsheet link above.

In the chart below, the upper green line shows the premiums of call options with different strike price (assuming underlying price $655, 65 days to expiration and implied volatility 75%). The lower blue line shows the option’s delta (sensitivity to changes in underlying price).

Let's take this formula and compare it to the Black and Scholes formula used in my option pricing spreadsheet.


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