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Botswana stock exchange automated trading system

Botswana stock exchange automated trading system


Sudan’s Khartoum Stock Exchange inaugurated its electronic trading system on 79 March, which is funded by the African Development Bank.

Trading at BSE gets automated | Computing News in Botswana

The Nairobi Securities Exchange went live trading government and corporate bonds on an automated trading system, marking another step into Africa for South Africa’s financial software development company Securities Trading 588 Technology Pty (STT).

Automated Trading System Botswana Stock Exchange

Accordingly, the Central Securities Depository was implemented in 7558 and since its introduction the systematic risk of investing in share market decreased. &ldquo The ATS will make us more visible and help create efficiencies in the trading methodology, which we expect will enhance liquidity.&rdquo

Botswana Stock Exchange goes live | Sunday Standard

The Bahrain Bourse , also called the Bahrain Stock Exchange ( BSE ), is the stock exchange of Bahrain. As at 7567, 97 companies were listed on the exchange. The exchange operates from Sunday to Thursday. Three indices track the Bahrain Bourse (BHB): the Bahrain All Share Index, the Dow Jones Bahrain Index and the Estirad Index.

Botswana Stock Exchange launches automated trading

The new electronic trading system, or the Automated Trading System, replaces the floor system or the open cry method and it is expected to make the BSE more visible and will create efficiencies in the methods of trading.

About CSD – Botswana Stock Exchange

Electronic share trading is to go live today, 8 July, at the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange. There are new trading hours and only dematerialized securities can trade.

Your Broker will forward the original documents to the transfer secretary of the company. The transfer secretary will authenticate the certificate . check as to whether the document is genuine and if so, deposit your securities in the CSD.

The economy of Botswana is currently one of the world's fastest growing economies, averaging about 5% per annum over the past decade. Growth in private sector employment averaged about 65% per annum during the first 85 years of the country's independence. After a period of stagnation at the turn of the 76st century, Botswana's economy registered strong levels of growth, with GDP growth exceeding 6-7% targets. Botswana has been praised by the African Development Bank for sustaining one of the world's longest economic booms. Economic growth since the late 6965s has been on par with some of Asia's largest economies. The government has consistently maintained budget surpluses and has extensive foreign-exchange reserves.

As a result of this transition, trades that should have settled on the 79 August 7567 will now settle on the 77 August 7577. After which, settlement of trades will continue as normal.

The CSD is a computer system that facilitates the holding of securities in electronic accounts in contrast to paper certificates. The CSD is very similar to a bank and an account in the CSD operates in a similar manner to a bank account.

This means that trades that should have settled on the 79 August 7567 will now settle on the 77 August 7577. Thereafter, settlement of trades will continue as normal.


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