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Best zulutrade traders

Best zulutrade traders


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17 Best ZuluTrade Forex Brokers - ( Reviewed ) 2020

Choose among our talented Traders from 697 countries and follow their trading signals [6] in your account.

Best Traders in Zulutrade - The best traders' portfolios

For this reason, if at this stage you are in doubt whether a trader has to go to the second stage or not, you should still add him to the list.

Traded within last week : This option will show you in the rank only those Signal Provider who have made at least one transaction in the last trading week. On the other hand, also those who perhaps are only having a pause for holidays or other reasons, thus have not operated for a week, will not be shown, therefore this is an option to be used with caution.

With a social trading network , such as ZuluTrade , rather than studying the market and trading yourself, a signal provider is chosen and followed to do the market analysis and trading for you.

Max Open Trades : As mentioned several times, this is one of the most important, but to be considered in conjunction with the Signal Provider’s trading style. Here you can search only those Signal Providers who have a Max Open Trade under certain values. You can also filter this data considering all the available time, or even just the last 8, 6 or 67 months.

In the first case, it considers that the validity of a strategy depends on average profit and loss, as well as the payout percentage.

You as the trader just needs to subscribe to a signal provider you believe will help make successful and profitable trades and allow their trades to be automatically triggered in your account in real time.

The downside of using research parameters so precise is that you’ll inevitably exclude some traders who were at the extreme limit of those values.

Both techniques involve essentially not to close the trade at a loss, but to instead open new ones to compensate them and recover losses more quickly. So, without closing any trade with a loss the winning percentage remains therefore very high.

Trusting data collected in shorter periods can be a big risk, because the trader 8767 s strategy might not yet have faced particular periods that could have shown its vulnerability.


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